Thursday, November 27, 2014

Three's Not A Crowd...Part 1

I smooth my skirt with shaking fingers before I ring the Chandlers’ doorbell. I’m a few minutes early because I know how big they are on punctuality. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. At 15, they were intimidating but that was 5 years ago. I’m in college. I’m an adult. I’m not their teenaged babysitter anymore.

The door opens and Mrs. Chandler stands before me looking perfect as usual in dress slacks and a chiffon blouse. She’s the quintessential white woman – blonde hair, blue eyes. Even now, in her 40’s she’s still a hottie. I can bet she still goes to the gym everyday like she did back then.

“Shannon! So good you could make it Sweetheart”

She pulls me in for a hug and kisses both my cheeks.

“Thanks for inviting me”

I have to admit, I was surprised when she invited me over for dinner. After they sent Jackson off to some private boarding school, I didn’t have much contact with them. Even less since I started college. A few passing hi’s and bye’s whenever I came home for the holidays but that’s it. I’ve always avoided them anyways since I’ve had a crush on Mr. Chandler since I was like, 10. It was hard because my parents made an effort to socialize with them since they were the only other family of color in our neighborhood. My Dad and Mr. Chandler share that black-man-married-to-a-white-woman thing. Mr. Chandler is all kinds of mixed though – black, white, Native American…I think his Grandma was French. He has the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. Sometimes they look blue, other times green. He works out just as much as his wife and the last time I saw him, he looked like a Calvin Klein underwear model.

“Come on in. Jarvis is upstairs finishing up a business call”

She leads me into their gorgeous dining room and I thank my lucky stars that I at least dressed up a little bit. Everything looks so formal.

“I hope you’re hungry”

“Starving. I remember what a good cook you are”

“Oh, thank you Dear. That’s very kind”

Her phone buzzes and she looks down at it, furrowing her brows.

“That’s Jarvis. Seems his call is taking longer than he hoped. He says to start without him”


She sits next to me at the table and we exchange small talk while I eat the most decadent shrimp and lobster dish I’ve ever had.

“How’s school?”

“It’s great. I love my classes and I’ve made a lot of good friends”

“Good, good. And boys?”

I blush as she smiles at me knowingly.

“A few. Nothing serious”

“Don’t be modest. Beautiful girl like you?”

“Thank you…but I’m not looking for serious”

“Well, you have a point. You are young. Although I married Jarvis when I was 22”

Any woman would have married Jarvis. I would have done it at 10.

“What about girls?”

I choke on my lobster. She pats my back as I cough and reach for my water.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s college Shannon. Other than learning that’s what it’s for – experimenting”

Jesus. Are we really having this conversation?


“Don’t be shy”


“It’s ok. I…dabbled a bit in law school”

If someone stabbed me in the hand right now I wouldn’t feel it. Mrs. Perfect pitched for the other team?!

“As a matter of fact…”

She turns to me with a seductive smile and places her hand on my knee. My heart leaps into my mouth.

“I still do”

I swallow hard, trying to get my heart back into its rightful place. Is Margaret Chandler hitting on me?!

“You do?”


Her hand slides slowly up under my skirt. I gasp, squeezing my thighs together. She tucks my hair behind my ear and trails her finger down my neck. Shit. My muscles clench.

“Mr. Chandler doesn’t mind?”

“Of course not. In fact…he likes to watch”

Fuck! Who knew the upstanding Chandlers were so kinky?

“Don’t be scared little girl”

I didn’t realize I’d opened my legs until her hand slid further up. She slides her finger along the edge of my panties and then cups my pussy. I bite my lip, close my eyes, and let my head fall back. She caresses me through the soaked material. How did I get this wet so quickly?

“Come with me” she whispers in my ear.

She pulls me up and leads me to the living room couch. She grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a kiss at the same time her fingers slip into my panties. Her tongue strokes mine as her fingers slide into my wetness. I moan, grabbing her hip as I grind against her fingers.

“I want to taste you”

She slides off the couch and kneels between my legs. My chest heaves at the sight of her down there…and what she’s about to do. She pulls off my panties and skirt in one motion and spreads my thighs, exposing my pussy to her.

“Pretty little pussy”

She leans in and trails her tongue along my lips. I bury my fingers in her hair, stifling a moan.

“You like that?”

“Yes” I whisper.

She parts my lips with her fingers and swipes her tongue on my clit.


You might not think calling His name is appropriate right now but I do. I think I’m in Heaven. She slides her tongue over and between my lips, circling my clit. I press her face into my pussy, rolling my hips.

“So sweet”

She slips her finger inside me and smiles.

“And tight”

She slides another finger inside, massaging my top wall as she sucks on my clit. I grab the top of the couch trying my best not to scream. Between her tongue and her fingers, I’m about to lose it.

“Fuck! Right there…”

I thrash my head from side to side, my body barely holding on. And then she sucks harder, fucks me harder with her fingers.

“Oh God, I’m gonna come”

“Give it to me”

Her thumb replaces her tongue and her hands push me over the edge.


My muscles clench around her fingers and my body vibrates in ecstasy. She pulls her fingers out of me and licks my juices from them slowly. I stare down at her, trying to calm my breathing and still not believing what we just did.

“Is this a private party or can anyone join?”


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