Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Time

I glance up at the huge man standing over me. He smiles encouragingly and I avert my gaze. I tap my foot nervously, waiting for him to begin. Sweat trickles down the back of my neck and I lick my suddenly dry lips.


My head snaps up and I hold his stare. I know he can see the fear in my eyes.

“I guess”

I watch him prepare his…instrument and flinch at the slap of latex against skin. This is it. I’m really doing this.

“Virgin, huh?”


“Just relax”

Yeah…says the stranger I’m about to let change me, my body forever. He shifts my legs and positions himself between them.  My hands begin to shake and I can hardly breathe. My heart hammers in my ears, drowning out all other sound. He grabs my thigh and then comes the piercing pain. I cry out at the initial shock and he stills.

“You ok?”

I nod and motion for him to continue. I close my eyes because I can’t watch. He moves slowly, trying his best to acclimate me to the feeling. And then, it starts to feel better. My heart is still pounding and my breathing irregular but the pain is bearable. He moves faster now, with sure and steady strokes, occasionally sliding his fingers over my skin. Feigning bravery, I take a peek. His brows are furrowed in concentration and a single drop of sweat rolls down the side of his face. He moves in and out, side to side, up and down, working my malleable flesh. Time drags on and it seems to go on for hours. I bite my lip, holding in the sounds trying to escape me. From the look on his face, I’d say he’s almost done. I close my eyes tightly, waiting for him to finish. It goes quiet. I look down and cringe at the sight of my own blood on the latex. He removes it and tosses it into the trash.

“How was that?”

“Not as bad as I thought it would be”

“Is it everything you wanted?”

“Exactly the way I wanted it”

I trace the design on my thigh and smile at Ed.

“See? Your first tattoo wasn’t so bad”

What were you thinking?? Naughty, naughty... :)


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