Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Three's Not a Crowd...Part 2

“Is this a private party or can anyone join?”

Shit! Mr. Chandler! I close my legs, trying to cover myself.

“Don’t worry Love”

Mrs. Chandler tries to soothe me, prying my legs back open. A large, rough hand slides down my shoulder and into my top, cupping my breast. I moan as his fingers twist my nipple.

“How was she my Dear?”


“I want to see you eat her pussy again”

“Get on your knees little girl”

I follow her instructions and I’m met with Mr. Chandler’s crotch and the huge bulge in his pants. I slide my hands over it and delight in his moan. He reaches down and removes my top then squeezes my breasts. I undo his button and zipper and pull him free of his pants. Holy fuck! I grasp him with both hands. He’s hot, heavy, thick, and hard and my mouth is watering. I lick the drop of moisture from his tip at the same moment Mrs. Chandler licks my clit. I take him into my mouth, bobbing my head and stroking him with my hand. With that talented tongue in my pussy, I begin to falter and Mr. Chandler grabs both sides of my head and fucks my mouth. He pushes deep and keeps it there, his dick stuck in the back of my throat. He pulls back as my gag reflex begins to kick in and gives me a moment to catch my breath. And then he does it again.

“Her mouth is amazing”

“Come Darling. Come have a taste of this pussy”

She slaps my ass and pulls me into position, sitting on the couch. While Mr. Chandler kneels between my legs, I watch his wife undress. Fuck, she’s sexy! Mr. Chandler tongues me down, slurping as he sucks on my clit. I cry out, grabbing a handful of his hair.

“You were right Babe”

He stands and drags his Polo shirt over his head. My eyes bug out at his perfect 6 pack abs. He removes a condom from his pocket and then kicks off his pants and boxer briefs. He rolls it onto his massive dick and I lick my lips. He wraps his hands around my thighs and drags me to the edge of the couch so that I’m lying down. He inserts two fingers into my pussy and groans.

“Fuck, that’s a tight little pussy”

He teases me with his fingers until I feel like I might go insane.

“Please…please fuck me!”

He grins and then slowly pushes into me. My muscles clench around him, stretching to accommodate his girth.

“Oh God!”

He pulls out and again, slowly pushes in. As I get used to the feeling of him inside me, he moves faster. Mrs. Chandler kneads my breasts and sucks on my nipples until they’re hard peaks in her mouth. She kneels over my face, presenting me with her pretty, pink pussy. I wrap my arms around her thighs and pull her down to my lips. She quivers at my first tentative lick.

“That’s it little girl”

I lap at her clit, watching as her lips get swollen and wet. I close my mouth over her pussy, sucking and swirling my tongue. She grabs my hair, moaning and shaking above me. She rolls her hips and I just stick out my tongue, allowing her to pleasure herself.

“Turn around”

Mr. Chandler’s gruff voice sends a chill down my spine. He pulls me to the ground and positions me, kneeling with my back to him. Mrs. Chandler sits before me, spreading her thighs. I slip two fingers inside her just as he enters me from behind.


His size along with the angle has me grabbing at the couch.

“Fuck her Jarvis. Fuck her hard”

He grunts, slamming into me. I bury my lips in her pussy, sucking on her clit and fucking her with my fingers. I feel another orgasm coming on and move faster, matching the quickening sensation flowing through my body.

“Fuck, Shannon. Right there!”

Mr. Chandler drives into me, pounding the perfect spot until I’m coming hard, screaming and shaking.

“Fuck, Shannon. That little pussy is squeezing me so good”

Exhausted, I drop my head on her thigh, breathing heavily. He pulls out of me and I hear the sound of him removing the condom.

“Come here Baby”

He sits on the couch and she straddles him, sliding down on his dick. She moans and as I watch their expressions, I know that these two people couldn’t be more in love. No matter what kind of kinky shit they get into, they’ll always come back to each other. I kneel next to them, pulling her nipple into my mouth as she bounces on his dick. I reach down and circle her clit. She moves faster, grinding and whimpering. I pinch her clit and she cries out.

“Fuck, I’m coming!”

She freezes and he takes over, grabbing her hips, and thrusting up into her. She shakes, screams, and grabs his shoulders as her orgasm tears through her.

“Fuck!” he shouts.

He jumps up and she drops to her knees before him, pulling me down with her. He pumps his dick, groaning, as we wait, mouths open. And then with a roar, he erupts. Warm come splashes on our tongues and cheeks. I swallow, licking my lips as we take turns sucking him dry. He jerks as she licks his balls while I suck on the head of his dick. Once his contractions have stopped, I pull away and stare at them with uncertainty. They both kneel next to me and caress me softly, kissing my neck and cheeks.

“Thank you” they whisper.

Me? I should be thanking them! That was the most amazing experience of my life. We dress quietly and head back to the living room. Mrs. Chandler re-heats everything and we go through dinner like we didn’t just fuck each other’s brains out. As soon as dinner is over, I start making excuses to leave. I do not want this to get weird. They both kiss me at the door. On the lips. Jesus.

“You’re here for the entire spring break?”

“Yes Mr. Ch - ”

“Under the circumstances, you can call me Jarvis”

I blush and look down at my feet. When I look back up, they’re smiling at me.

“Want to come over for dinner tomorrow?”

Fuck yes! Is that even a question?!

“I’d like that”

I head back home humming Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl. I was pissed I didn’t get to go to Cancun but fuck that! Spring break at home just got mighty interesting.


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