Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daddy's Girl

“How do you feel Little One?”

I startle at his voice. He moved so stealthily that I didn’t hear him enter. I’m on my stomach, facing away from the door so I couldn’t have seen him either. I smell him though. And I just want to eat him up.

“Good, Daddy”

“Not too tight?”

“No, Daddy”

He sticks his fingers beneath the rope around my ankles before trying the length around my wrists. Satisfied, he tugs on the part connecting my wrists to my ankles. When he’d come in earlier and told me to put my hands behind my back, I wasn’t expecting this. Now I’m lying here bound with my ass in the air and I can’t wait for what’s coming next. He lightly trails his fingers on the bottom of my feet and I want to moan and laugh at the same time. As a matter of fact, the sound that comes out of me sounds like a cross between the two. I wiggle my toes, squirming beneath his touch.

“If at any time this becomes too much for you, what do you say?”


“Good girl, Jana”

He moves around me, sliding the tips of his fingers across my skin gently. Shivers rack my body. Everything about this man turns me on. He can reduce me to a hot, quivering mess with just a word so just imagine what his touch is doing right now.

“Your body is my favorite toy. I wish I could play with you all day”

See what I mean? Jesus! He grabs my ponytail and yanks my head back so that I’m looking up at him. His chocolate skin is glistening in the candle light, calling to my fingers. I wriggle them, even more conscious of my bonds. I need to touch him. I need to run my fingers, my tongue along his hard, ripped abs. He leans down and I see the fire raging in his brown eyes. And it just makes me hotter because it’s me that’s doing this to him. It’s my body that’s driving him crazy.

“Would you like that Little?”

“Yes, Daddy…so much”

His lips quirk up in a smug smile.

“I know”

He releases me and makes his way to the chest in the corner of the room. He opens it and stares inside pensively.

“What will it be tonight? Pleasure…or pain?”

“Pain, Daddy. I want the pain…please”

I don’t hesitate because it’s what I want. More importantly, it’s what he wants. He knows my limits and how far he can take me, how much I can handle. I never have to worry about him going too far. He removes my favorite riding crop from the chest and stalks towards me.

“Pain it is”

He stands before me, his crotch right in my face. His hardness tents his sweatpants. He’s such a tease. He knows how much I love sucking him off. Here he is dangling it in my face like candy to a kid. And I can’t do anything about it. I pull at my bonds but they don’t give. Not that I thought they would. He is a master with rope.

He slides the end of the crop along my spine and I moan.

“I know what you want…but not tonight”

He pulls a length of black silk from his pocket and secures it around my eyes. I groan in disappointment because looking at him is half the pleasure. Whether it’s a caress or a spanking, I love to see the emotions on his face, his muscles rippling as he moves. He taps my ass lightly with the crop and I realize that he’s no longer standing before me.

“Are you taking good care of my pussy Little?”

“Yes, Daddy”

Tap, tap, tap. Just light kisses of the crop on my skin. But I know it’s coming soon.


“I waxed yesterday and I clean just like you told me to every time I shower. And I only wear the cotton panties you buy me”

“Good girl”

And then the crop lands on the back of my thigh with a crack. I cry out but then his hand distracts me from the pain. He caresses my ass, squeezing my cheek gently. And then another smack to the back of my other thigh. I draw in a breath through my teeth. Before I can recover from that one, another lands on my ass. And another…and another. The next two land just below my ass cheeks.


I wiggle my ass, the throbbing between my legs becoming too much to bear. He slides the crop between my thighs and over my pussy.

“Separate your knees”

I struggle with my constraints, spreading my knees as far as they can go. His hand brushes my stomach and my muscles clench. His fingers glide along my wet lips and he chuckles.

“You do like the pain don’t you Little One?”

“Yes, Daddy”

He circles my clit and I moan, moving against his fingers. He withdraws his hand and then it’s the sting of the crop on my clit.


He lets me have it. Punishing my clit over and over until I think I can’t take it anymore. He stops and sinks two fingers inside me. As his fingers slide in and out of me, the crop bites into my sides, left then right and repeat.

“Yes…fuck me Daddy!”

I feel my orgasm approaching but I can’t come without his permission.

“Please…may I come?”

“Yes. Come for Daddy. Hard”

I push back at his fingers, grinding on them even as the crop keeps landing on my skin. Just at the point of no return, he pulls his fingers out of me and delivers one last, hard blow to my clit with the riding crop. And I come…and come…and come, screaming as my body shakes violently. My ankles fall to the bed so I know he’s released them from my hands. He re-positions me on my side and pulls me to the edge of the bed. I whimper as he slides his dick across my tender, most likely swollen lips. He pushes inside me, stretching me with his big, thick cock and I contract my muscles around him. He grunts, pulls almost all the way out and then slams into me.

“Oh God!”

He pounds into me relentlessly, punishing my already sore lips. But I love it. I know he loves it. This is us. This is what we do. We play hard, we fuck hard, and we come hard…together.

“My perfect Little…so wet…so tight”

He moves even faster, hitting the perfect spot each time. I want to see his face when he comes. I want to grab his ass and pull him into me as he spills himself inside me.  I don’t why he’s denying me tonight.


He smacks my ass hard with his palm as if he knows what I’m thinking. I should not question his methods. He sinks his fingers into my thigh. That’s the sign. That’s how I always know when he’s about to come. And it always drives me fucking wild. It’s like a message to my brain and my brain sends a message to my body – come.

“Come Jana. Now!”


My muscles spasm out of control as he thrusts into me. He growls loudly, sinking so deep inside me that he could be an internal organ. Our heavy breaths fill the room, the air thick with the glorious, musky scent of sex. I go limp, shattered by two of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had.

He pulls out of me and sets to removing my bonds. I blink up at him, allowing my eyes to adjust when he removes the blindfold.

“Hi” he says with a crooked smile.

“Hi there Handsome”

“Stay here. I’m going to run you a bath”

“Yes, Daddy”

He shuffles to the edge of the bed but then turns back to me. He trails his finger down my cheek and places a soft kiss on my lips. And then he says to me what I always treasure...The reason he will forever be my Daddy.

“Thank you”


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