Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shut In. A short story...Part 1

This began as a simple writing exercise but my mind took the story elsewhere ;). It's a short, less than 3,000 words. Every week, I'll be posting a part of it until we get to the end. Here's the first page!

Asshole. As I walk past the deserted offices, I curse him in my head. Fucking asshole. That report was possibly the best one I’ve done in my entire career but no…it still wasn’t good enough for him. Making the changes he wanted took almost 5 hours. I look at my watch…10:15pm. After a hellish 14 hour work day I finally get to go home. He’s probably curled up with one of his usual hoochies somewhere while I’m here busting my ass for him. As I approach the elevator, I mentally kick myself. Thinking about him has made him magically appear. What the hell is he still doing here? He nods in acknowledgement.

“Miss Smith”

“Mr. Andres”

The elevator doors slide open and he motions for me to precede him. Oh, so now he’s being a gentleman? Please. I press the button for the ground floor and move to the back of the elevator. He walks to the other corner and leans on the rail running across the back wall. I watch the numbers light up as we descend. Two down, thirty three floors to go.

“So…any plans for the weekend?”

I look over at him incredulously. He wants to have small talk? He’s ruined every weekend for the past year and he wants to know if I have plans? Well I’m in no mood for a conversation, especially with him.


“With your boyfriend?”

Boyfriend? Because of you I haven’t had a decent date much less a relationship. Not having the time or energy to devote to anyone, my sex life is non-existent. Even my vibrator would break up with me if it could.


He chuckles and shakes his head.

“Quite voluble tonight, aren’t you?”

“I’m tired” I say accusingly. “I’m not in a talking mood”

I return my attention to the numbers above the doors. Suddenly, it goes dark and the elevator comes to a creaking halt.


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