Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shut In Part 2

Picking up where we left off with Miguel and Tara last week. I know I said the story was less than 3,000 words but alas, as I always do, I went back and made some changes. Anyways, here we go. Part 3 (and final) next week!

What the hell?! Since I’m closer to the emergency button, I depress it and wait to hear the voice on the other end. Nothing.

“You’ve got to be kidding me”

“Power outage. The generators should kick in soon”

"I hope so”

“Desperate to get away from me?”

I look over at him again. He has a smirk on his face that doubles the effect of his handsome features. Yes, he’s gorgeous. 6’3” of Latino heat – dark wavy hair, deep brown eyes, white, perfect teeth and a fit body. He’s still an asshole though. I admit, when he first started working here I went a little googly-eyed like the rest of the women but he treated me like crap from the get go. Needless to say, I got over that crush pretty quickly.

“I just want to go home”

Obviously sensing my reticence, he leaves me alone for a while. I drop my purse on the floor and kick off my heels before I start pacing. I need to get out of here.

“Shouldn’t the generators have come on by now?”

“You’re right”

He pulls his phone from his pocket and holds it up to the ceiling.

“No signal. You?”

I dig into my purse and retrieve mine. I stare down at a blank screen. Fuck.

“Shit! Mine is dead”

I drop it back into my purse and resume my pacing.

“Nothing we can do but wait”

Wait? For how long? What if the power doesn’t come back on? No-one will be here until Monday! It’s already getting hot.  I feel the sweat trickling down my back. I remove my jacket and drop it next to my purse, then pull my blouse from my skirt. He removes his jacket and tie, dropping them to the floor also before rolling up his sleeves and undoing a few buttons.

“Huh…I’ve never seen you without your heels before”

I stop mid-pace and turn to him. Why won’t he just leave me alone?


“Nothing. You’re just not as tall as I thought”

Great. Now my height is a problem. I give up.

“You know what? I’m done. Nothing I do is ever good enough for you. I work my ass off every day. I’m the first one in and the last one to leave the office but no matter what I do, I can never get an A from the professor. Now I’m not tall enough. Why don’t you just fire me? Better yet, I’ll make it easy for you. I - ”

Before the word “quit” can leave my lips, they are silenced by his. What the hell?! I push at his chest and he pulls back.

“What are you doing?”

“What I’ve wanted to do for the past year”

He pulls me up against him and he leans in once more. I push at his chest again. What does he mean “for the past year”?

“I don’t understand”

Querida…I have tried to fight my attraction to you by being a cabrón. I’m sorry”


“An asshole…as I’m sure you’ve called me many times”


Wow…is this some playground shit or what? Pick on the girl you like until she goes off on you and then confess your feelings. Wait…no…this isn’t right.

“Get off me”

He steps back, surprised. I guess he’s never heard those words from a woman before.

“What are you doing? You’re my boss!”

“I’m sorry…but I can’t fight this anymore”

He moves forward, pinning me against the wall with his body. I draw in a sharp breath as I feel his erection on my thigh.

“I need you Tara”

“After making my life a living hell for a whole year, you think a kiss and a few words are going to get me to jump into bed with you?”

“Bed? I won’t last the rest of this elevator ride let alone wait to get you to a bed. I need to be inside you now”

Without invitation, he covers my lips again. This time, softly. I stand there like a statue. This can’t be real. Is there going to be a new season of Punk’d? The doors will open any moment and Ashton Kutcher will jump in and say this was all a joke. He pulls my hips against him and my mind goes blank. Ashton who? All at once, his musky, manly scent envelopes me and desire courses through my body. I moan and slide my hands around his neck. I kiss him back, suddenly overpowered by the need for him to rip my clothes off and fuck me right here in the elevator. His hands slide slowly up the curves of my waist, around to the small of my back, and down to grab my ass. He squeezes my cheeks with a moan.

“You are perfect”

He nips at my bottom lip, teasing it with his tongue. Where did he learn to kiss? Nobody is this good at kissing. Fuck. I can’t even think. I feel his hand on my breast and realize that he’s unbuttoned my blouse. He spins me around and pulls me up against him, breathing raggedly against my ear. He begins speaking in a low, seductive voice as he removes my blouse. It’s all in Spanish and I don’t understand a word but it’s sexy as fuck. I gasp as he roughly pulls the cups of my bra down and my breasts pop out. As he massages them, I grind against his erection. Air hisses through his teeth and he pinches my nipples.

“Jesus, Tara”

My knees are weak. I don’t know how much longer I can stand on my own. He grabs the hem of my skirt and drags it over my hips. He moans as he massages my thighs, snapping my garter belt against them. He moves up, cupping my pussy with a groan.

“So wet…God, why did I wait so long?”

He slips his fingers past the waistband of my soaking underwear and zeroes in on my clit.

“Fuck…oh fuck, right there”

I brace my hands against the wall as his fingers induce dizziness. My body is quivering and I know it won’t be long before he makes me come. He moves down, teasing my entrance with his middle finger. He nips at my earlobe and concentrates on my clit once more. My entire body shivers and I whimper.

“Don’t hold back Baby…I want to hear you”

I reach back and slide my palm down his very hard, very big package. He moans and begins to work my clit more vigorously. I’m close…just a few more…

“Oh my God!”

He holds me against his body as my orgasm rocks mine. He coos in my ear, telling me how good I feel and how much he wants me. Before I even stop shaking, he spins me around and attacks my lips. His tongue barges into my mouth, eagerly tasting. I tangle my tongue with his as I run my fingers through his thick, silky hair. He pulls away, fumbling in his pocket. I work on the buttons of his shirt, revealing a hard chest with a smattering of dark hair, and perfectly formed 6-pack abs. I gently trail my nails along his stomach and he moans as he rips open a condom packet. To move things along, I undo his belt, button, and zipper and reach inside. I delight at what I find there. I release him, wrapping my fingers around him. Now, he is perfect. I just want to eat him up.

“Tara, don’t”

The impatience in his voice lets me know that it’s not my touch that’s the problem. He rolls the condom on and gives me a look wrought with desire. He really does want me. He grabs my ass, lifts me off the floor, and I wrap my legs around his hips. He pulls at my clip and my blonde hair comes tumbling down.

“So beautiful, mi amor

He takes my nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. I moan as I feel him moving my panties to the side.

“So long I’ve waited…now you are mine…finally”



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