Friday, January 15, 2016

In the Dark

In the Dark, a standalone novella, is coming your way on January 27, 2016!

He’s the love of my life.

It’s been a year, and he still sends my heart racing every time I see him. Rick McAllister is smart, successful, and gorgeous. But…he’s my boss. And he doesn’t know I exist.

No. I’m not obsessed.

I don’t stalk him, and I don’t have a shrine in my apartment. I simply…love him from afar. Even if he did know me, he doesn’t date employees, and I don’t plan on being an assistant forever, so I can’t allow my reputation to be tainted by an office romance. Even with Rick.

Fate has other plans. After a chance encounter, he’s ready to break his own rules, and so am I. However, with our precarious situation, we have to keep our relationship a secret. There’s only one problem – it’s not as much of a secret as we thought. Someone knows.

She sets my air on fire.

Kelly Black is smart, beautiful, and ambitious. I want her. She’s the first woman I’ve even thought of breaking my rules for. I will have her.

I’m obsessed.

She consumes my thoughts. Before her, my work was my life. Now I can’t even concentrate because it’s become a bore; a mere inconvenience that keeps me away from her. She excites me in a way nothing, and no one has before. The world needs to know she’s mine. She’s the one who wants to keep us in the dark but I can’t hide her anymore. Will our secret come to light before I can salvage her reputation?

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