Sunday, March 15, 2015

Excerpt from Rock Hard

Like alpha-type, bad boy bikers? Then meet Ace! This is from "Ace of Hearts"

"Take them out."


"The contacts. Take them out."

"Fuck you, Ace. You don't get to tell me what to do anymore."

"Take them out and wash that shit off your face. Now."

I almost cave at the authority in his voice. I've never told him but I used to love when he tried to boss me around. But that was before.


He narrows his eyes and tilts his head to the side.

"If you don't do it, then I will."

"I'd like to see you try."

Before I can take my next breath, he's pinned me to the sink with his body, my back to his front. Just as quickly, he pulls my skirt up and over my hips and rips my lace panties off.


"Shut up."

He forces my legs apart with his knee and slides his fingers between my lips. Taking a deep breath, he trails his nose along my neck.

"You're wearing that lotion I like."

My knees tremble. I grab the sink for support and moan, closing my eyes as he presses down on my clit.

"Open your eyes."

He's staring at me in the mirror. I watch his fingers as they circle my clit slowly. He's barely touched me and yet I'm already wet and ready.

"You know better than to defy me, babe."

Oh, God. I know that look in his eyes. The mixture of pleasure and mischief always preceded the most delicious of tortures.

"Don't you dare -"

His palm crashes into my ass and I cry out.

"Do what? Give you what you want?"

Still stroking my clit, he smacks my ass again. The sting is tempered by his fingers tormenting my pussy. I push back into him, wanting more. He slips a finger inside me and smacks both cheeks in quick succession.

"Is this what you came here for?"


My mouth denies it but my body betrays me. I clench around his fingers as he inserts another. He pumps them into me, massaging the spot only he seems to be able to find.

"Doesn't feel like it, babe."

Moving my hair to the side, he sinks his teeth into my shoulder, and drags his stubbled jaw across my skin. A lightning bolt of desire rips through me.

"Just as tight as I remember."


"Take them out. I want to see your eyes."

With shaking hands, I carefully remove the contacts. Once they're out, I stare into his eyes in the mirror.

"Oh, Dyna."

Dyna. That's what he's always called me…after his favorite bike. I can't bear to hear it now.

"Don't call me that."

He turns me around so fast that my head spins. In the next instant, he crushes his lips to mine. Blood rushes to my head and my body gets weak. I sag against him, parting my lips when his tongue slides between them. He grabs my ass and lifts me off the floor, setting me down on the sink cabinet. Our tongues entwine, fiercely clashing, both of us trying to get the better of the other. I slide my fingers through his hair, getting myself a fistful. He inserts two fingers into my dripping pussy and moans.


My heart constricts. How can he still say my name like that after what he did?


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