Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Poker Face

I think I wrote this about 7 years ago...back when I was writing poetry only.

You were my Mr. Right, 
Guess I was Miss Right Now
Stole my heart like a thief in the night
Left me reeling, wondering how?

Fell for the line that you’d never hurt me
Just can't believe you were lying
How could someone so beautiful behave so ugly?
You abandoned me, left me crying

Gave you everything, it just wasn’t enough
Should have told me that you needed more than love
Thought this was forever, it’s just not the case
I didn’t fall for you, I fell for your poker face

You were good at making me believe
That you truly cared
I was blinded and couldn’t see
Past that smile you’d always wear

Whispered sweet nothings that always made me weak
Pampered me with gifts that I didn’t need
Did things to my body that left me unable to speak
Told me to trust you and I blindly followed your lead

Said I was the jackpot, that you were all in
Gave you all I had...joke’s on were just bluffing...


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