Sunday, September 7, 2014

At His Mercy Pt 1

My knees and back hurt from kneeling on the hardwood floor, my back arched so that my view is of the ceiling. The rope cuts into the flesh of my wrists and upper arms. Time is but a concept because I have no idea how long I’ve been here. But I will wait. Patiently. This is the way Master wants me – in my underwear, bound, and partially suspended from the ceiling.  He will be pleased. That is what I yearn for. It is my sole purpose in life. I live to please him. My pain is inconsequential. I will not move until he tells me to. Footfalls on the floor alert me to his approach. I know he’s barefooted and wearing those unbuttoned, ripped jeans that I love to see him in. I picture him walking towards me with that sexy, confident gait that gets my heart pounding. In my mind, I see his chiseled chest and abs…and those strong arms that always make me feel safe. He probably has a satisfied smirk on his lips and a twinkle in his sapphire blue eyes because I’m right where he left me. Not that I could move if I wanted to but I have not complained. I haven't even made a sound. I can see him running his fingers through his dark hair and biting into his full bottom lip as he gets closer. My pussy twitches.

He appears above me and my breathing accelerates to the point where I forget about breathing through my nose. My body tingles all over and excitement fills my veins. That look. That’s all it takes. That look that tells me I’ve been a good girl and I’m about to be rewarded.

“Very good, my pet”

That voice. That deep, sensual voice that flows over me like molten chocolate. It can and has made me come on several occasions. He wraps his fingers around the rope stretching across my breasts and pulls me towards him. His warm breath caresses my lips as he whispers

“I am pleased”

He teases me with the promise of a kiss but pulls back right before our lips touch. He lowers me gently and steps around me to stand over my face. Through his jeans, I can see the impression of his hard cock lying on his thigh. He grabs it, squeezing as he stares down at me.

“See what you do to me, pet? My cock is hard and throbbing for you. Are you wet for me?”

“Yes, Master” I answer breathlessly.

He leans forward, gently sliding his palm down my stomach and under the waistband of my panties. I moan as he trails his fingers along my dripping lips.

“Yes, you are. But first, my pet, I want your mouth”

He straddles my torso and places his hand at the back of my head, raising me toward him. I lick my lips as I watch him pull his zipper down. Before Master, I cringed at giving head and gave it rarely. With him, I could worship his perfect cock all day. He pulls it out and squeezes the base while trailing the head along my lips.

“Now, open pet…and suck until I tell you to stop”


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