Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shut In Pt 3 it is - the final pages of "Shut In". Enjoy and let me know what you think!

He rams his cock into me and I cry out at the sudden invasion. I grab his shoulders, sinking my nails into his flesh.

“I knew you would feel amazing”

 Breathing heavily, lips parted, I stare into his eyes as my body fights to accommodate him. He’s so big and it’s been so long. I can’t form any words. It just hurts so fucking good. He begins to move, slowly at first, savoring each stroke. He circles his hips, pulling back and going deep. His fingers dig into my ass cheeks and he buries his face in my neck.

“Dios…I’ve wanted you so long Tara”

 I throw my head back, my breaths coming in puffs as he moves inside me. Maybe it’s been too long but I don’t remember sex being this good. “Good” would be an understatement actually. I have to give him his props. He may be an asshole but he’s a sexually proficient one. His breath is hot on my neck, causing as much pleasure as the friction of our sweat slicked bodies colliding.

“I’ve dreamt about burying my face between your magnificent breasts…sinking deep into your tight, wet pussy”

Oh Dear God…what kind of torture is this? Does he even know what his words are doing to me? A shiver shoots up my spine as he trails his tongue across my neck.

“You have tormented my days and nights. I can think of no-one else but you”

“Oh God…”

“Look at me Tara”

I open my eyes and blue meets lust-filled brown. That look alone makes my pussy contract involuntarily. He moans and begins to move faster.

“Tell me you want me too” he begs.

“I want you”

Well, at the moment I do. What else can I say when the man is balls deep inside me? My words seem to have awakened something inside him. He’s thrusting into me with deadly intent. He’s gone wild, me-Tarzan-you-Jane primitive… …and I love it! I cling to him, unable and unwilling to move. For each of his grunts, I answer with a moan.

“Say my name”

His name? I’ve never called him by his first name before. Given the circumstances, we’re definitely on a first name basis. He pulls back and angles upward as he sinks deep. His name slips from my lips as naturally as a baby says “mama”.


I clench my muscles around him as I feel my orgasm approaching. He groans, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. Fuck, he looks sexy like that.

“Give it to me Tara”

I throw my head back as I come, screaming and pulling his face back into my neck as my body shudders. A host of curses leaves his lips and as he shakes against me, I know he’s coming too. Sated, I let my head fall back on the wall and close my eyes. I’m trying to get my breathing back to normal but he’s planting little kisses on my neck and up to my chin. I meet his lips and he kisses me softly, gently pulling on my bottom lip. He pulls out of me and I unwrap my legs from around his hips. Once my feet are on solid ground again, my senses return. What the hell have I done?! I gently push him away and retrieve my blouse from the floor. I pull my skirt down and watch as he removes the condom, ties a knot at the end, and shoves it into his pocket. When we're both fully clothed, he moves towards me.

“Tara - ”

The lights come on and the elevator resumes its descent. Thank you God. I pick up my jacket and purse and slip my shoes back on. He looks up at the camera and retreats to his corner. I don’t know what to say. How will I be able to even look at him again after what just happened? I busy myself putting my hair back up. 

“Tara, will you look at me?”

“Don’t…please don’t”

The moment the doors slide open, I make a hasty retreat. In the lobby, I encounter the night watchman. I try not to get too close to him. I know I absolutely look like I’ve just been fucked in an elevator.

“Miss Smith. I didn’t know anyone was still here”

Miguel…Mr. Andres walks up behind me and I wave my hand towards him nonchalantly. At least I hope so.

“We got stuck in the elevator”

“Oh wow…all this time? I had to go downstairs and manually turn on the generator. I’m sorry - ”

“It’s ok Joe. You didn’t know. I’ll just have someone take a look at the generators on Monday…and the emergency button in the elevator”

“Sure thing Mr. Andres”

I bid Joe goodnight and head for the parking lot. I need to get out of here – quickly. While I’m searching for my keys, I hear his footsteps behind me.


I keep moving. Maybe if I ignore him, he’ll leave me alone.

“Tara, wait”

I disarm the alarm and reach for the door handle.

“Damn it Tara, will you wait?!”

He grabs my arm and turns me around to face him. I stare at his chest, afraid to meet his gaze.

“Where are you going?”


"Home? The only home you’re going to is mine”

Before I can even look up at him, let alone reply, he takes my keys from my fingers and arms the alarm. He begins pulling me in the opposite direction – towards his car.

“Wait a minute! What are you doing? I can’t leave my car here”

“I’ll send someone to pick it up”

The determined set of his jaw tells me he won’t stand for defiance. Too bad. I pull my hand from his grasp and cross my arms under my breasts.

“I’m not going anywhere with you”

His expression changes and his eyes sweep over my body hungrily. He grabs me and pushes me up against his Jag, trapping me with his body. Using his knee, he pushes my thighs apart and snakes his hand up my skirt. Damn my traitorous body. He smiles as my breathing escalates.

“Do you really think once would be enough? I have only begun with you Cariño”

I moan as he traces my lips through my panties. I can’t help it. I melt against him as he circles my clit. He pushes my panties to the side once more and easily slips his finger inside me. I have never been this wet before. Leave it to the one man I hate to do this to me.


He slowly works his finger inside my pussy, pushing in, pulling out, and making circles. My poor sex-starved body is eating it all up. He gently inserts another digit.

“Do you feel that? How wet you are for me? You want me too Tara. Stop fighting me”

Ok…uh huh…yeah, whatever. Just keep doing that.

“You want me so much that you don’t care if I make you come right here in the parking lot where everyone can see”

He’s right. My parents could walk up right now and I wouldn’t give a fuck. I grind on his fingers, desperately seeking release. His fingers slide out and I feel something much bigger sliding in. Holy shit! Are we really doing this here? He takes a quick look around and then starts to move. I guess we are.

“Fuck, Baby”

He hooks my left leg on his hip, holding it in place. I grab his shoulders, uncertain what to do with my hands. He thrusts into me, hitting the perfect spot every single time. I want to cry out but somewhere in my Miguel-addled brain, I remember where we are.

“God, you’re tight. I love how your pussy grips my cock”

Yeah? I love how your cock fills my pussy. Of course, I don’t say it out loud. I whimper instead and clench my muscles around him. He groans and latches on to my lips as he slams into me. I feel the quickening sensation and grip him tighter. His fingers dig into the underside of my knee.

“Jesus!” He moves faster, reaching under my skirt to circle my clit.

“Fuck! Miguel…I’m coming”

I whisper his name again and clutch at his jacket as my pussy spasms. He grunts, makes a few quick, hard thrusts and then falls against me, panting. He whispers soft words against my neck in his native language and my entire body shivers.

“What does that mean?”

“It means…I want to be inside you every minute of every day”

Fuck! My muscles clench around him and he groans as he pulls out of me. He releases my leg but still keeps me pinned against the car.

“Oh Tara…we will have such fun together”

When he pulls away, his cock is back in his pants like nothing just happened. The stickiness of the fluids trickling down my thighs tells me that they’re his, not mine.

“First, we are going to take a bath together…and then I am going to dine on your delicious body until I’ve had my fill…for tonight”

I swallow hard and stare up at him with questioning eyes. He smirks – that sexy, devilish smirk that now makes me want to rip off all his clothes. He unlocks the door and motions for me to get in. Obediently, I slide into the passenger seat. He leans down and nips at my earlobe. My muscles tighten and I whimper. 

“And then tomorrow…we’ll start all over again”

He closes the door and I watch as he makes his way to the driver’s side. A weekend of ravishment…sounds good to me. A smile spreads across my lips and I wonder why we couldn’t have gotten stuck in an elevator sooner.


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